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Fire ban

From 12:00 pm today, Monday 13th of august, you are allowed to barbeque on your own property in a raised grill. You must have a fire extinguisher nearby. If you live on a campsite check with the supervisor if it´s ok to barbeque, they might have other rules. Please notice that you´re not allowed to light fires or barbeque in forests or public areas.

When you barbeque it is a good idea to place the grill on non combustible surface.

Open burning prohibition order means that you are NOT allowed to light fires, or barbecue in forests or in public areas. The ban also applies to disposable grills, prepared fireplaces and barbecue sites on public land, such as beaches, campsites, parks and wild camping.

Keep in mind that it is always you who are responsible for the security and that you can be held accountable and be punished if you cause a fire or violate the ban.

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